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Mentions légales

Legal information about the 8hqn.com website.

Please read carefully the different terms of use of this website before browsing its pages. By accessing this website, you agree on these terms and conditions without reservation. Thus, according to the article n°6 of the Law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for the reliability in the digital economy, the people in charge of the present website https://www.8hqn.com are:

Website editor:


Editorial manager: DAVID BRACQ

1 Rue des Platanes 59 840 Pérenchies

Phone number: +333.

E-mail: ventes@acssa-informatique.com






mailing address: 1 Rue des Platanes 59 840 PERENCHIES

Using terms:

This website (https://www.8hqn.com) is available in multiple web languages (HTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS…). For a better comfort of use and more pleasant graphics, we highly recommend you to use modern web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer…

ACSSA INFORMATIQUE does everything in its power to ensure reliable information and a reliable updating of its websites. However, mistakes and omissions may occur. The user must therefore ensure the accuracy of the information with the company, and report any changes to the website that he/she deems useful. ACSSA INFORMATIQUE is not responsible in any case for the way these information could be used, and for any direct or indirect harm that may result from it.

Cookies: The website https://www.8hqn.com may probably ask you to accept cookies for statistical and display purposes. A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your hard drive by the server of the website that you’re browsing. It contains several data that are stored on your computer in a simple text file, that the server accesses in order to read and collect information. Some parts of this website cannot work correctly without accepting cookies.

Hyperlinks: Websites can propose links towards other websites or other resources available on the internet. SAS ACSSA INFORMATIQUE can in no way control those other websites that are connected to its sites. SAS ACCSA INFORMATIQUE is not responsible for the availability of these external sites and resources, nor guarantees it. The company is not responsible for any kind of harm that may result from the content of theses external resources and sites. The company is also not responsible for the information, products or services available on these websites, and for any possible use of these elements. The risks related to the use of these elements are the entire responsibility of the user, who has to agree on their using terms.

Website users, subscribers or visiters cannot make available hyperlinks towards this website without the express prior authorization of SAS ACSSA INFORMATIQUE.

Assuming that a user or a visitor would like to publish a hyperlink towards one of the ACSSA INFORMATIQUE websites, it would be his/her responsibility to send an email to our website, in order to ask for permission to make the hyperlink available. SAS ACSSA INFORMATIQUE reserves the right to accept or to deny the hyperlink without having to justify the decision.

Provided services:

All the activities of the company as well as its information are presented on our website https://www.8hqn.com

SAS ACCSA INFORMATIQUE does everything it can to provide pieces of information as specific as possible on the website https://www.8hqn.com. The details available on the https://www.8hqn.com website are non-exhaustive and the pictures are non-contractual. They are available with possibilities of modification made since the upload of the website. Furthermore, all the pieces of information available on the website https://www.8hqn.com are given for information purpose only, and are subjected to change or evolve without notice.

Contractual limitations regarding data:

The details exposed on this website are as specific as possible and the website is being update several times throughout the year, but omissions or inaccuracies may still occur. If you notice a gap, a mistake or anything that seems like a deficiency, please tell us via the following e-mail address: ventes@8hqn.com. Please do your best to describe the issue as specifically as possible (page of the problem, type of computer, web browser used…).

Any downloaded content is at the user’s own risks and under hie/her sole responsibility. Therefore, SAS ACCSA INFORMATIQUE could not be held responsible for any type of harm or damage on the user’s computer or for any data loss that would be following a download. In addition, the user commits to visit the website while using recent material that does not contain any virus, and using an updated last generation web browser.

The hyperlinks put on this very website towards other resources available on the internet could not in any case engage the responsibility of ACSSA INFORMATIQUE.

Intellectual property:

All the content on the website https://8hqn.com including, but not limited to, the graphics, the pictures, the texts, the videos, the animations, the logos, the gifs and icons as well as their format are the exclusive property of the company, with the exception of the brands and logos or contents belonging to other partner or author societies.

Any reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, diffusion or publication, even partial, of all these elements is firmly forbidden without the express written authorization of ACSSA INFORMATIQUE. This representation or reproduction, by any possible way, constitutes an infringement sanctioned by the articles L.335-2 and the following ones of the French Code of Intellectual Property. The non-respect of this prohibition constitutes and infringement that would engage the general civil and criminal liability of the infringer. Furthermore, the owners of the copied contents could engage legal actions against you.


These terms of the website https://8hqn.com are governed by the French law. Any litigation or objection that would result from these terms will be settled by the tribunals on which depend the company’s headquarters. The language of reference for the settlement of any possible litigation is french.

Personal Data:

Generally speaking, you are not obliged to communicate your personal data while visiting the https://8hqn.com website.

However, there are some exceptions to this principle. Indeed, on some services available on our website, you could be asked to communicate some of your personal data such as: your name, your professional function, the name of the society that you’re representing, your e-mail address, and your phone number. It is the case when you want to fill in the form available in the “contact” section.

In any case, you have the right to refuse to communicate your personal data. In this case, you will not be able to use some of our services such as the one that allows you to ask us some further information on our company, or the one than enables you to ask for newsletters.

Finally, we have the ability to collect automatically some information about you while you are browsing on our website, including: information about your use of our site (parts of the site that you are visiting, services that you access to), your IP address, your type of internet browser, your browsing time.

Such information are exclusively used for internal statistical purposes, which allows us to improve the quality of our services. The databases are protected by the provisions of the law from July 1st 1998 transposing the directive n°96/9 from March 11th 1996, regarding the legal protection of databases.